Absalom is an antagonist from One Piece. He is apart of Gekko Moriah's Mysterious Four group and was one of the people who was in charge of the Thriller Bark Zombies. Like Sanji, he is perverted and has a massive crush on Nami. He has the ability to turn invisible via the Suke Suke no Mi.


One of Absalom's prominent character trait is his perversion towards Nami. Sine his introduction during the Thriller Bark Arc, he had a crush on Nami. He desired to marry her since she was so beautiful to him. He also dislikes Zombie Lola (who wants to marry him). Absalom sees Zombie Lola as a disgusting rotting zombie with no attractive characteristics. Absalom also has a rivalry with Sanji since he also have a crush on Nami. besides his perverted personality, Absalom greatly cares for his leader, Gekko Moriah, and his comrades in the Mysterious Four.


Absalom has the ability to turn invisible with his Suke Suke no Mi. With this ability, he can sneak past his opponents and enemies and can gather information from them. With his invisibility he can also make nearby people and objects that he comes into contact with become invisible as well. Absalom also carries a giant bazooka that he can make invisible and can catch his enemies off guard with those attacks.

With his enhancements from Dr. Hogback, Absalom also possess superhuman strength and enhanced senses such as tracking scent better than the average person.


Since Absalom is a devil fruit user, he cannot swim in any body of water and he risks drowning.

Absalom's weakness is that he is not strong enough to handle continuous blows from Sanji. Absalom is not willing to fight someone he loves which also shows his moralities but can be caught off guard since he was electrocuted by Nami's attack.


Absalom's Battles
Battles Outcome
Absalom vs. Zombie Lola Won
Absalom vs. Nami Won
Absalom vs. Sanji Lost
Absalom vs. Nami and Zombie Lola Lost