Air Elementor is an ultra-link made of air. It has the power to manipulate air.


The Air Elementor is vice like the other Elementors and revels in destruction. It is also cunning and have a sophisticated mindset as it was able to outsmart N-Tek in order to release the other Elementors from their imprisonment.


Air Elementor has the ability to manipulate the air around it to attack its targets at any distance. With its ability to manipulate air, the Air Elementor can summon dust storms, tornadoes, and air waves. It can also use the air to blow back or pull together targets to attack them. The potency of the air waves is strong enough to knock back a small army of tanks. Since the Air Elementor is made of air, physical attacks cannot harm it.


As an ultra-link, the Air Elementor can be defeated when Steel use its T.U.R.B.O power to knock it back similarly like the Fire Elementor.

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