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Atsui is a minor character from Naruto. He is a swordsman from Kumogakure. He is Samui's brother.


Atsui is impulsive and quick to anger some of the times. In his battle against Kinkaku and Ginkaku, Atsui has shown to like using the word hot many times in a sentence. He also did not like how the Gold and Silver Brothers looked down on him as a threat and was a bit jealous as Darui was seen as a bigger threat than him. In a dire situation, he panics and often times he is a bit dimwitted as he did not have a clue to what word he frequently use (which is hot).


Atsui is a strong swordsman as seen in his battle against Kinkaku and Ginkaku. He is fast as he was able to rush pass a group of White Zetsu clones to reach Ginkaku. He is able to combine his fire style chakra with his sword to create fiery slashes that can burn his targets.


Atsui is best known for being a hothead and would get very emotional in battle. In his battle against the Gold and Silver Brothers, he failed to listen to his sister's warnings about the duo and their tools and rushed off to confront them.


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Atsui's Battle
Battles Outcome
Atsui (with Samui and Darui) vs. the Gold and Silver brothers Lost


  • Atsui's name can be translated to hot whereas his sister's name, Samui, can be translated to cold.