Billy Numerous is a villain from Teen Titans. He is a student from the H.I.V.E Academy and a member of the H.I.V.E Five.


Billy Numerous enjoys causing chaos and committing crimes. He really enjoy his time doing what he likes. He is very carefree and chaotic in how he commits his crimes and likes to do it for the entertainment. He likes to talk to his clones as well.


Billy Numerous has the ability to multiply himself and create clones. He can make many copies of himself. He can create an army of himself and can use this to pick up massive objects like a bridge and move it through a city. With an army of clones he is also capable of causing chaos and can overwhelming his opponents easily. He is able to replicate himself at an extremely fast pace and can replicate at a speed to keep up with Kid Flash.


In the episode "Overdrive", Billy Numerous has a limit to multiplying himself. When he was fighting the Titans who were using holograms to replicate himself, Billy Numerous tried to compete with their numbers. However when he reached his limit to multiplying himself, Billy was shocked and it resulted in all the clones forcefully returning to him.