Dash Parr is a major character in The Incredibles. He is apart of the Incredibles family and he has the power of superhuman speed. He is the son of Mr. Incredible and Elastigirl.


Dash is immature compared to his sister. He enjoys pranks as seen when he pranked his teacher in class. He also likes to have fun and at times he can get into a conflict with his older sister, Violet, since they both have contrasting personalities. Although they can get into small arguments, he cares for her.


Dash has the power to travel at superhuman speed. With his superhuman speed, Dash can travel fast enough to not be seen immediately. His superhuman speed is beneficial for him to not only travel at far distances in a short amount of time but it can help him travel on surfaces that would normally be impossible for anyone to travel on such as water.

His speed is also great enough to evade powerful droids that were chasing after him and while he was frightened at fighting them by himself, he was able to defeat some of them that came after him.