Deirdre Jackson (born February 8, 1972) is a villain from the Family Guy episode "Baby, You Knock Me Out". She is a strong boxer who was well known for her viciousness. She wanted to challenge Lois Griffin to a gruesome boxing competition which the former lost in her fight against her.


Deirdre Jackson is cruel and vicious. She was known well for killing boxers in the ring and had no compulsion towards killing Lois in their boxing competition. She is also shown to take pleasure out of antagonizing and bullying people she sees as weak like Peter Griffin. Deirdre Jackson is also willing to win a fight no matter what the cost and believes that she is the strongest boxer out there.


Deirdre is a fearsome boxer who relies on brute force to knock down her opponent. She was known well for being a formidable boxer since she had murdered some of her opponents in cold-blood. In her competition against Lois, Deirdre was able to bring Lois to her limits and nearly killed her.


Head/face and torso. Most of Lois's effective moves were direct blows to the face and the winning punch was an uppercut that sent Deirdre flying.


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  • Deirdre Jackson is similar to Jeffery Fecalman and Michael Pulaski from Family Guy:
    • They were able to bring the main protagonist to their limit in a fight with brute strength.
    • They are villains who really desired to kill their opponent in a fight.