Donquixote Doflamingo is a major character from One Piece. He has the power of the Ito Ito no Mi or String String fruit which allows him to use string.


Doflamingo is carefree and sadistic as seen in a majority of his appearance. As a former Celestial Dragon, Doflamingo has an egotistical mentality and a sense of entitlement to do whatever he pleases. He has no remorse for his evil acts and when confronted by Luffy for his cruelty, he blamed it on his victim's birthright. While he is carefree and is seen with a smile in his appearances, Doflamingo can be enraged when a situation is turned against and can become homicidal.


Doflamingo has the power of the String String fruit which allows him to create strings and manipulate in battle. He can use the strings to connect it to nearby clouds to allow him to fly around and gives him a larger range to attack and to evade attacks. With the String Sting fruit, Doflamingo can use strings to cut through buildings, the surroundings, and even an individual's limbs. Doflamingo can use the strings in battle to provide an offensive to knock back or slice up his target. He can also use the strings as a defensive to block attacks from his enemies. Doflamingo can use the strings under his control to create string bullets and whips.

Doflamingo demonstrates superhuman strength which allows him to destroy a palace in a single kick. His strength is great enough to knock back his targets to far distance in a single blow. While he has superhuman strength, he posses superhuman durability in which he is able to survive a bombing from his subordinate Baby 5 and survive a beating from Luffy in his gear fourth form.

Doflamingo can also use Haki. He has demonstrated the Kings Haki and the Armament Haki. He can use King Haki which allows him to knock back his targets with by projecting his powers. He can use Armament Haki which could allow him to strike his targets with more potency and power.


While fighting Luffy and Law in battle, Doflamingo was ambushed and attacked by Law who used his gamma knife technique which was able to destroy his major internal organs and incapacitate him. According to Law, it is an attack that no one can defend from since it attacks his targets from the inside.


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