Dracule Mihawk is a skilled fighter from One Piece. He is a Shichibukai and is one of the world's powerful swordsmen.


Mihawk is a stoic man with a firm personality. He is a man of little words and does not talk very often. He prefers to act by himself in most situations and does not team up with anyone. He is friends with Shanks and greatly respects him and his pirate crew. Mihawk is very intelligent and was able to decipher Luffy's true power to get strong allies. Mihawk is aloof and calm in most situations and is rarely caught off guard by anything. When he first meet the Pirate Hunter, Zoro Roronoa, he saw some potential in him as strong swordsman who may challenge him one day. During the time-skip, he was willing to train Zoro (who was his enemy).


Mihawk is one of the world's strongest swordsman in the One Piece universe. He has powerful eyes which can sight his opponent at far distances. He is a prodigy at using the sword and can use any type of bladed weapons from knives to massive swords. In his first battle against Zoro Roronoa, Mihawk, was able to overwhelm Zoro with his knife called Kogatana. He also wields a giant sword called the Yoru where he can cut down most of his targets without any resistance. With his sword, Yoru, Mihawk was able to cut down an entire iceberg that was the size of an island in an attempt to cut down Luffy.


As of now, there is no known weaknesses with Dracule Mihawk.


Dracule Mihawk's Battles
Battles Outcome
Dracule Mihawk vs. Shanks (multiple times) Draw
Dracule Mihawk vs. Krieg Pirates Won
Dracule Mihawk vs. Zoro Roronoa Won
Dracule Mihawk vs. Monkey D. Luffy Draw
Dracule Mihawk vs. Vista Draw
Dracule Mihawk vs. Daz Bonez Won
Dracule Mihawk vs. Zoro Roronoa Draw


  • Dracule Mihawk is the only person to not be apart of any pirate group.
  • Like Boa Hancock, Mihawk has not been attacked by the opponent he was fighting.