Earth Elementor is a villain from Max Steel Reboot. It is an ultra-link that is made of earth element.


The Earth Elementor is vicious in its pursuit of capturing Max Steel. It has a violent and destructive personality like all the other Elementors.


The Earth Elementor has the ability to manipulate earth. It can summon boulders and rocks to attack its target at a distance as seen in its battle against Max McGrath and his parents. Along with its powers to control earth, the Earth Elementor has superhuman strength and durability as it was capable of putting up a challenging fight against Max Steel in his T.U.R.B.O mode. The Earth Elementor along with the other Elementors also display superhuman speed as it was able to pursue the McGrath family who were trying to escape from it in a high speed chase.


In its battle against Max Steel, the latter was able to rip off its arm which left it at a disadvantage.

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