Equinox is a supervillain from the cartoon series Batman Brave and the Bold. He was chosen by the Lords of Order and Chaos to get rid of evil on Earth. However, Equinox became evil when Owlman shot a laser at him which hypnotized him. Equinox is one of Batman's strongest foes in the series and he is nearly invincible.


Equinox is sophisticated and calm. He has an obsession with keeping balance in the universe. Equinox's actions to keep balance in the universe is seen as immoral but he does not care. Equinox strongly dislikes anything that is not balanced and can often time become enraged when something is not in place.


Equinox giant form

Equinox's giant form.

Having received his powers from a sect of gods, Equinox has been entrusted to have a lot of power with him. In fact, he is as powerful as a god. Equinox, like most super-powered individuals possess superhuman strength and durability and fast reflexes. For instance, he was able to survive a fall from a building and stand up immediately with no harm. This is a trait of his that allows him to manipulate probability. In addition, Equinox has the ability to alter his form by turning into a giant version of himself. Unlike most super-powered individuals, Equinox posses an unlimited amount of power.