Exodia is a powerful being from the Yu-Gi-Oh! franchise. It is a powerful being who possess infinite powers and can fight on the same level as the Egyptian Gods. It was so powerful that Shinnon had to seal it piece by piece into five tablets.

Note: This is only about the Exodia that appeared to fight the demon Zorc Necrophades during Yu-Gi-Oh! Episode 216 in the Dawn of the Duel arc in the anime. This article is not about the duel monster that is played in various episodes.


Exodia is silent and stoic from its first appearance. It does not speak and it enjoys serving the Pharoah and his men.


Exodia's powers are unlimited and can be on par with other powerful creatures such as the Egyptian Gods and Zorc Necrophades. Its powers are so potent that Shimon had to seal it away to protect everyone from its might. In its battle against Zorc, it is shown landing powerful punches on the evil creature. It can also create a yellow ball of light to launch at its foe to cause severe damage.


While Exodia may be an invincible being, it derives its powers from the people who wields it. In its battle against Zorc Necrophades, Exodia's might came from the old man, Shimon. Since Zorc's strength comes from the darkness within the world it was able to overpower Exodia.


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Exodia's Battles
Battles Outcome
Exodia vs. Various enemies of the Pharoah Won
Exodia vs. Zorc Necrophades Lost


  • Before Exodia performs a powerful laser beam attack, the caster who uses Exodia yells Exodia Obliterate!