This wiki is about fighters throughout fiction. All types of fighters from children cartoons to live action movies that are all fictional. Many people like to see fights on their favorite TV shows whether it takes place in any ordinary cartoon, anime, or movie. This wiki is here to show all types of fighters throughout fiction which includes their types of fighting abilities and weaknesses. Many people likes to see their favorite fighter in action. Anyone can help out.

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Darth Havok

Darth Havok, born Eshkar Niin, was a male Iktotchi and a member of the Imperial Knights, a Force-using Order loyal to Emperor Roan Fel of the Galactic Empire. Niin became a Master within the Order and the instructor of Antares Draco, to whom he taught strategy and philosophy while training the Human in the ways of the Force. Read more about Darth Havok.

Known Fictional Victories

Famous Heroic Victories
Battles Outcome
Superman vs. Darkseid Won
Captain America vs Red Skull Won
Goku vs. Frieza Won
Famous Villainous Victories
Battles Outcome
Cell vs. Vegeta Won
Pain vs. Jiraiya Won
Doomsday vs. Superman Won

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