Many fighters have their obvious strengths and skills that define their abilities. However, most fighters have their own share of weaknesses that is displayed in their fight.

What is weakness

A weakness is an aspect that is a disadvantage. For a fighter, it serves as a detriment or a flaw. Often times, when one's weakness is taken advantage of it can lead to a fighter's defeat.

What is considered a weakness

  1. Anything that is contrasting to their specific powers and abilities such as fire-based fighter having a weakness towards water based attacks.
  2. A specific object, tool, or device that can cause a significant amount of pain. This can include a tool that is capable of sealing their movement or taking their power.
  3. A fighter's low stamina. A fighter that is not known for fighting long battles and if their battle persist for too long then it would mean that they are at risk of losing.
  4. A fighter's endurance in a battle would count unless this is pointed towards their limit. For example, a fighter who cannot sustain major injuries in battle since it can have detrimental effects.
  5. A fighter's incompetence towards handling a tool or power that can be easily exploited so that their enemies can take advantage.
  6. A fighter's evident flaw or opening that can be exploited easily in battle like a blind spot or flaw in one's armor.
  7. A fighter who can survive fatal blows which can leave them incapacitated and open to powerful attacks.
  8. A fighter's fear for a specific thing. Such a fear may distract a fighter and would be considered an evident flaw in their fight.
  9. A fighter who is blinded by their own arrogance and abilities. These types of fighters will often underestimate their opponent's full potential and as a result it would lead to their defeat.
  10. A fighter who performs a powerful attack that would leave the individual weakened and vulnerable for a period of time.

What is not considered a weakness

  1. A single fighter up against an army is generally not considered a weakness since some fighters often will not stand a chance against an army and would be considered an immediate defeat. For a powerful fighter an army would not affect them.
  2. A fighter taking a fatal injury would not count as a weakness as it is an attack that is meant to severely injure or kill. Fatal blows do not contribute to a personal weakness or inability unless the fighter have survived it multiple times to be considered as such.
  3. A fighter losing energy in their battle is not considered a weakness. This is apart of their stamina. Losing energy in a fight is normal.
  4. A fighter getting defeated in one attack is not something to be considered a weakness as it is simply an attack that is meant to defeat an opponent not weaken them.