Frozone, also known by his real name Lucius Best, is one of the supporting characters in the Pixar movie, The Incredibles. He is best friends with Robert Parr better known as Mr. Incredible. Frozone has the power to manipulate ice in battle.


Frozone is a supportive friend of Mr. Incredible. Frozone is also a family-friend of the Incredibles family. He is assertive in his statements and can be loud-mouthed. He can become irritated when it comes to bickering especially from his lover. Frozone is a genuinely great person who only desires to protect the world from criminals.


Frozone has the ability to create ice with his hands. With the ice he created, Frozone can freeze his targets. With larger targets like Syndrome's Omnidroids, it can immobilize them. Frozone can travel with a board on ice to get near his target to freeze them. Frozone also have the ability to turn the water near him into ice to assist him in getting to places he needs to go to.


Frozone's weakness is that he can only create ice if the air has a typical amount of moisture in it. Frozone's ice is not too strong to completely immobilize his targets like the Omnidroid which was able to easily to break out of it.


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