Gloria Ironbachs is a minor character who appears in the episode "I Am Peter, Hear Me Roar". Gloria teaches sensitivity to people in the work environment. She was responsible for making Peter embrace his feminine side which stifled his relationship with his wife Lois. At the end of the episode, she had an all out fight with Lois Griffin, who did not like what she did to Peter.


Gloria is a strict person. She does not tolerate abuse in a work area and strongly dislikes those who make fun of or abuses women. She was very strict on Peter Griffin when she first met him and was willing to take drastic measures to change his sexist ways. After the sensitivity training she was happy with Peter since he no longer abuses or mistreat female workers at work. Gloria also disliked Lois Griffin for her incompetence to keep her husband in place and got into fight about it.


Girl fight by devilopolis-d5wj73g

Gloria demonstrates her brute strength, crushing Lois in her powerful grip.

Screen Shot 2016-02-25 at 12.53.12 AM

Gloria knocks the wind out of Lois with a hard punch to the gut

Gloria is primarily a brawler, and uses her brute strength, (which is her biggest advantage) to viciously take down her opponent. In her fight with Lois Griffin, she was able to overpower Lois on several occasions, taking her down multiple times and landing some heavy blows. At one point during the fight Gloria manages to physically subdue Lois, trapping her in a crushing bear hug. Gloria squeezes Lois so hard that the straps on her dress snap, potentially cracking her ribs and nearly squeezing Lois into submission.


Gloria has no actual strategy in a fight, mostly relying on her brute strength and ferocity to bring down her opponent. She lacks clarity in battle and constantly leaves herself open to attacks. There are several moments throughout her battle with Lois where Gloria is clearly in control and has the upper hand, only to have Lois capitalize on Gloria's mistakes and fight back.



Gloria Ironbachs' Battle
Battle Outcome
Gloria Ironbachs vs. Lois Griffin Draw (Slight edge to Lois)


  • Gloria's last name, Ironbachs, might be a reference to how she is tough.