Hayley Smith is one of the main characters from American Dad!. She is a liberal and a young adult who is attending community college. Although Hayley Smith is against using force, she is an exceptionally dangerous fighter as seen in the episode, "Haylias".


Hayley is a laidback individual. Hayley lacks the extreme need for control from her father, Stan Smith, and the mildly naïve personality from her mother Francine Smith. Some times, Hayey is shown to be a jerk to her brother, Steve Smith. But despite her intentions, she greatly loves her brother. Often times, Hayley is seen many arguments with her father, Stan, because the two has different views on politics. Hayley also loves her husband Jeff Fischer. She was greatly upset to see him abducted by aliens and blames Stan and Roger for the incident. Despite the many arguments Hayley might get into with her family, she deeply cares for them.


In the episode "Haylias", Hayley has shown the ability to fight against and overpower Stan in a one-on-one duel. Although Hayley was brainwashed by Stan in the episode, she had become a merciless assassin. In her fight against Stan, Hayley was capable of using martial arts abilities to knock back Stan. She was able to fight him on top of a moving vehicle without any resistance by the wind. Hayley was able to bring Stan to corner Stan in her fight and eliminate him.


Hayley has not shown any weaknesses in the fights she has appeared in.


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