Hidan is a villain from the anime/manga Naruto and is a member of the Akatsuki. He is partnered with Kakuzu and is known throughout the Akatsuki as being an immortal duo. He is foul-mouthed and incredibly impulsive. He enjoys praying to his god, Jashin, and enjoys fighting.


Unlike most Akatsuki members, Hidan have a rather vulgar attitude. He is shown to openly curse out his enemies and allies alike if things do not go his way. Hidan is religious and enjoys worshipping his malevolent god, Jashin. Hidan personally enjoys seeing his foes suffer in battle and cherishes outright destruction. He is a merciless fighter and at the same time incredibly arrogant. Despite his ruthless personality, Hidan was actually worried about his ally, Kakuzu, when he found out that his attack severely harmed him.


Hidan's main power lies with his ability to use taijutsu. His main weapon is a giant red three bladed scythe that is used to draw blood from his opponent. He utilizes his real power by tasting the blood which allows him to take on a skeletal appearance similar to the reaper. He also stands on top of a curse seal that serves as a way to connect his body to the opponent. With this ability, Hidan can land any powerful attack upon himself which can inflict the same amount of damage on his foe.


Hidan's main weakness is that once he activate the ceremony of death technique he must remain within the circle of the seal he is using. Once he is removed from the seal, his technique which connects his body to the opponent is severed. Even though Hidan is immortal, he can still survive decapitation but he is rendered completely useless in battle.


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Hidan's Battles
Battles Outcome
Hidan and Kakuzu vs. Yugito Nii Won
Hidan and Kakuzu vs. Chiriku Won
Hidan and Kakuzu vs. Leaf Shinobi Won
Hidan and Kakuzu vs. Team 10 and Kakashi Draw
Hidan vs. Shikamaru Lost


  • Hidan is similar to Judar from Magi and The Joker from DC since they all like to spread chaos.