Kankurō is one of the supporting characters in the anime/manga Naruto. He is the brother to Gaara and Temari. He is one of the Sand Village's best puppet master who can use his puppets to fight his opponents well. After the two years timeskip, Kankurō's puppeteer abilities have increased where he can fight talented puppeteer masters like Sasori and even get commended for his skills by a legendary puppeteer herself, Chiyo.


When Kankurō first appeared, he has been shown to a bully to Konohamaru. At first, he had a dark-sense of humor by picking on Konohamaru and other people he deemed weak. However, he was scared of his younger brother Gaara who was pessimistic and homicidal. He had respect for Naruto seeing him as an interesting person to relate to. After Gaara was defeated by the hands of Naruto, he began to respect the young man even more. By the time of the timeskip, Kankurō began to warm up to his brother Gaara. He greatly thanks Naruto for his support in establishing their relationship. By the time the Fourth Shinobi World War erupted, Kankurō has shown to be more of a leader when he was in charge of the an ambushing squad. When he confronted a revived Sasori, Kankurō was more sympathetic of the deceased shinobi saying that he will still be remembered for his artworks. Kankurō can sometimes by hot-headed but is a caring person.


Kankurō is a skilled puppeteer that can manipulate man-sized puppets in with his chakra strings. Kankurō's puppeteer ability allows him to control multiple puppets in battle. In some cases he can even switch places with his puppets to catch his enemies off guard. He is also capable of setting traps with his puppets.


Although Kankurō is great at manipulating puppets at a range, he is defenseless to attacks that are specifically aimed at him at a short range. In his battle against Sasori, Kankurō was not able to dodge his attack that was close to him and he was left poisoned by him.


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Kankurō's Battles
Battles Outcome
Kankurō vs. Misumi Tsurigi Won
Kankurō vs. Shino Aburame Lost
Kankurō vs. Sakon and Ukon Won
Kankurō vs. Sasori Lost
Sand Siblings vs. Sasuke Uchiha Draw
Surprise Attack Division vs. Surprise Attack and Diversion Platoon Won


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