Kardiak is giant robotic heart that has power to absorb its targets. It only desires to absorb children for unknown reasons as seen in the episode "Spellbound". It later appears in season 5 to assist the Brotherhood of Evil in destroying the Teen Titans. However, it was defeated in battle by Beast Boy.


Kardiak has multiple valves that allows it to grab its targets and opponents. These valves can expand and travel long distances to capture its targets or smash them. The valves connected to Kardiak can suck small targets like children. The valves around Kardiak are strong as it was able to grab Beast Boy as a dinosaur and throw him away. The mechanical valves around Kardiak can also regenerate from damage such as being severed or cut. It also has the ability to fly.


Kardiak cannot defend itself from enemies who make contact with it. In its battle against Raven, she was able to tear it into pieces with her dark magic abilities. It was too weak to resist her powerful magic.