Kimiko Tohomiko is a hero and main character from Xiaolin Showdown and Xiaolin Chronicles. She is apart of the Xiaolin Temple and she is from Japan. Kimiko has the power to manipulate fire.


Kimiko is friendly and kind. She shows respect towards her teammates. Sometimes she has a temper when her friends act silly but she does not throw a massive tantrum. Some of the times she is seen teaching Omi on basic social norms like Raimundo and Clay. Kimiko has an attachment to technology and she is interested in fashion and making herself look pretty.


Kimiko is an agile martial artist who is fast on her feet. Like Omi, she also posses superhuman strength where she can tear apart Jack Spicer's Jackbot. And as Omi, her height and stature makes her a very fast and agile person. In battle, Kimiko often uses the Star Hanabi to help her manipulate her fire element ability to a better degree.


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  • In about every episode, Kimiko is seen in a different clothing to where she travel to different places around the globe to retrieve the Shen Gong Wu. At the temple, she is seen in her red robes which her friends wear.