Klorgbane the Destroyer is a villain from Regular Show. He is a powerful fighter and an archenemy of Skips.


Klorgbane the Destoyer is a ruthless bully and a madman. In high school, he enjoy bullying and harassing the students around the school. He also bullied his own siblings who were apart of the Guardians of Eternal Youth. He utterly despise Skips for confronting him and for getting in his way. When he first appeared in the episode "Fists of Justice", he also had no care for killing his own brother. Klorgbane is malevolent and has no remorse for his actions.


As an individual who was affiliated with the Guardians of Eternal Youth, Klorgbane has exceptional powers. To the Guardians of Eternal Youth and many others, Klorgbane is feared as a powerful individual. In "Skips' Story", Klorgbane was the strongest person at the high school he attended. Klorgbane is amongst the strongest fighters in the Regular Show franchise. He is a major challenge to Skips who is a powerful fighter himself.

In his fight against Skips, he was able to easily overwhelming him and knock him back easily. He is vicious in his fight as he sadistically pummeled him fast enough for him to not react. His giant rattle was strong enough to severely injure his targets. He is capable of using the rattle to hit his targets at a far distance. The rattle was strong enough to impale his target as well.


Klorgbane is pretty much invincible and cannot be defeated in battle normally, Klorgbane's biggest weakness is the fists of justice. It does not matter who wields the fists as when it was used by Moredcai and Rigby, it was able to injure Klorgbane significantly. According to the Guardians of the Eternal Youth, the fists of justice were the only weapons that were strong enough to stop Klorgbane.


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