Kougyoku Ren is a heroine from Magi anime/manga. She is a powerful fighter of the Kou Empire and a monarch. She has the ability to control water with her djinn, Vinea.


Kougyoku is friendly and naïve. When she first appeared, Kougyoku was stern and scornful. When she first met Aladdin, she did not like him as he was the one who was responsible for nearly killing one of her men, Judar. The latter did not like her since she incapacitated Ugo. Overtime, the two respected one another and grew out of their disdain. Kougyoku has shown to like Alibaba since he was a hero and a great person. She later saw him as a friend as well. She also like Sinbad but she is unaware of the latter's manipulations over her. She overall loves her family as well. Kougyoku does no like war and sees it as something that can ruin everything.


Kougyoku is a very powerful member of the Kou Empire. She has trained to become a powerful fighter who was able to master her djinn. She was even able to fight on the same level as Sinbad who was had master all seven of his djinn. In that same battle, Alibaba was also amazed at her immense strength and abilities. She is capable of displaying the full djinn equip.


With her djinn, Vinea, Kougyoku was able to manipulate water and used it as an offensive in her battle. Kougyoku can manipulate the water into many types of shapes to inflict damage upon her opponents. She can create a powerful pointed spears out of the water and thrust it right at her target. She is also capable of forming and shaping the water into a giant wave to overwhelm her target as well. Kougyoku's manipulation of water goes as far as manipulating a body of water itself, like the ocean, to overpower her opponents. She also wields a powerful sword in which she can swing at her targets at superhuman speed.


When she was fighting the medium during the Magnostadt arc, Kougyoku was severely weakened when it grabbed her and sucked the magoi out of her body. When she got the magoi sucked out her body, she began to bleed profusely from having come into physical contact with it.


Kogyoku Ren's Battles
Battles Outcome
Kogyoku Ren vs. Ugo Won
Kogyoku Ren vs. Sinbad Draw
Powerful djinn users vs. the Medium Draw


  • Kougyoku Ren was one of the first characters to demonstrate the full djinn equip.