Kouha Ren is a powerful swordsman and prince from the Kou Empire. He has the power of the djinn Leraje which allows him to wield a powerful sword in battle.


When he first appeared, Kouha shown himself to be rather arrogant and lackadaisical. He was egotistical as a prince. Despite his arrogance, Kouha has a sense of humor. In battle, Kouha is ruthless when he took pleasure killing a group of thieves he encountered. Despite his viciousness in battle, Kouha does not like war in itself like his half-sister, Kougyoku Ren. He also cares greatly for his family and friends and was depressed to hear that he would have to go into war against his cousin Hakuryuu Ren.


Kouha is an extremely powerful swordsman. He has the ability to wield a large sword. He can use it to expand the size of the sword which can slash many of his targets. Kouha can slash many of his opponents without any resistance. The size and strength of his sword allows him to have a large radius to tear down many of his targets.



Kouha's full djinn equip form.

In his djinn form, Leraje, Kouha is significantly powerful. He has more vitality in this form and he is capable of replenishing and keeping up his strength in this form. Like all those who has a fully djinn equip, Kouha is capable of flying and unleashing an extreme magic attack. The extreme magic attack is capable of destructive prowess such as destroying an army of black djinn.


In his fight against the medium, Kouha had the ruhk in his body removed from contact. As a result of having the magoi removed from his body by being in contact with the medium, Kouha lost his flesh and bled profusely.


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