Kushimaru Kuriarare is a shinobi from the Seven Swordsmen of the Mist. He wields the blade known as Nuibari. With Nuibari, Kushimaru is able to pierce his targets and stitch them together.


In the anime, it was revealed that Kushimaru was a ruthless man who enjoyed fighting and committing violence. He was stated to have murdered his own sensei once, as well. Like Jinpachi Munashi, he is prideful of being a member of the Seven Swordsman of the Mist. He greatly despise those who uses the swords of the Seven Swordsmen without being a member of the group.


Kushimaru is a skilled swordsman who is capable of using the Nuibari. With the Nuibari, Kushimaru is capable of piercing and impaling all his targets. Since his sword has a string attached to it, he can maneuver it to strike another target and pierce the target. After piercing and impaling a few other individuals, Kushimaru will grab the sword and knock all the targets he has stitched together. His use of the Nuibari makes him a formidable fighter from the Seven Swordsmen. With his gangling appearance, he is also very fast on his feet.

With his partner, Jinpachi Munashi, they can work effectively as a team to bring down their targets. They are a strong duo who was capable of overwhelming Kakashi and Guy (who are famed and powerful shinobi themselves) multiple times in their battle against them.