Lois Griffin is one of the main characters of Family Guy. She is the wife of Peter Griffin and a mother of three children, Stewie, Chris, and Meg Griffin. She is skilled in martial arts and boxing. At times, she can prove to be the strongest fighter in her family.


Lois Griffin is the typical housewife who greatly cares for her family. She is usually calm and more mature than her husband, Peter Griffin. Lois is amicable and friendly towards her family and is a driving support to them in their times of need. She can sometimes be immature and selfish as her husband and can act out of wrath as well. However, in these instances, Lois can accept her misdeeds and redeem herself much like Peter Griffin.



Lois overwhelms her opponents in a fight at the Drunken Clam

For the most part Lois uses her Martial Arts skills to fight her opponents. In the episode, "Lethal Weapons" Lois has become skilled in the arts of Tae Jitsu. She was able to fight multiple opponents at the same time and overwhelm them. She was able to easily knock back her husband dozens of times in her confrontations with him. In the episode "Baby, You Knock Me Out", Lois has also taken up in boxing and was able to defeat many female boxers in the ring. She was also able to fight and defeat Deirdre Jackson, who was a formidable boxing champion.


Screen Shot 2018-01-30 at 8.44.34 PM

Lois struggles against Gloria Ironbachs, getting crushed by her stronger opponent.


Lois taking a beating from Deirdre Jackson

Lois' feistiness can work against her at times. She is short tempered and impulsive, which can cause her to become undisciplined during a fight. When fighting an opponent with greater physical strength, Lois tends to stubbornly fight them head on, rather than rely on her training. While she always manages to fight back, Lois has been physically overwhelmed in a number of fights. In her battle with Gloria Ironbachs, Lois was overpowered several times throughout the fight. Lois gains the upper hand over the stronger woman, but her tenacity gets the better of her and rather than fight the way she knows how, Lois instead acts on impulse and attempts to match Gloria's brute strength. As a result, Gloria turns the tables and is able to physically subdue Lois, squeezing her tightly in a powerful bear hug. Lois (who is audibly in a great deal of pain) is unable to break free of the stronger woman and is nearly squeezed into submission. Lois was also physically dominated and nearly killed in her boxing match against Deirdre Jackson.


  • Lois is the first person in the Griffin Family to know martial arts which is Tae Jitsu.