Más y Menos are two super-fast twin brothers from the Teen Titans Animated Series. They are Spanish speaking children that can travel at superhuman speed similar to Kid Flash. They are apart of the Teen Titans East.


Más y Menos are hyper children who really like to be around each other. For the most part, they are comic-relief and are seen doing random things for instance flirting with Starfire. The twins are mostly dependent upon each other and they cannot tolerate being separated. With their relationship with the Teen Titans East, Más y Menos respect their comrades. They also respect their allies the Teen Titans as well. Más y Menos sees Cyborg from the Teen Titans as a great leader for the Teen Titans East. Más y Menos are overall amicable individuals.


Más y Menos can travel at superhuman speeds which makes them formidable foes in battle. With their speed, the brothers can travel across a large city like Jump City in about a fraction of a second. Because of their superhuman speed and capabilities they can create powerful wind and can knock back any opponent that stands in their way.


Más y Menos' can only travel at superhuman speeds if they are both in contact with one another. If they are not in contact with each other, the brothers cannot access their superhuman speed and are at risk of being attacked by a strong enemy.


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Más y Menos' Battles
Battles Outcome
Teen Titans East vs. Steamroller Won
Teen Titans East vs. Brother Blood Lost
Teen Titans East vs. Cyborg Won
Teen Titans East vs. Control Freak Won
Más y Menos vs. Johnny Rancid and Cinderblock Lost
Teen Titans vs. Brotherhood of Evil Won


  • In the Teen Titans animated series, Más y Menos are the only two characters that speaks spanish as their primary language.
  • At the end of season 3, the brothers seem to have a crush on Starfire.
  • It is unknown whether the brother's speed matches Kid Flash's speed.
  • They are the youngest members of the Teen Titans East.