Monet is a villain from One Piece. She appears in the Punk Hazard Arc. Monet is a henchman of the Donquixote Pirates.


Monet is a loyal member of the Donquixote pirates. She greatly admires Doflamingo and his efforts to becoming the Pirate King. While she is around, Monet is friendly and affable. However, she can be sadistic as she chuckled at the sight of Law having his heart crushed by Vergo. She is about as heartless as Caesar Clown since she had no care for the safety of the children that were on the island and often assisted Caesar by drugging them. Despite being very evil, she cares deeply for her crew mates.


Monet is a very dangerous and talented fighter. She was sent by Doflamingo to carry out missions for his team like gathering information for the team or guarding Caesar Clown while he does his experiments. Monet was a formidable challenge towards her enemies and presented a big threat to the Marines and the few others that had encountered her.


With her enhancements done by Caesar Clown, Monet was made into a harpy. With this enhancement, Monet is capable of flight. With her talons, Monet can grab her targets as well. However, the talons she can wield ice picks and can be used in combat like a sword.

Yuki Yuki no Mi

With the Yuki Yuki no Mi (or snow snow fruit), Monet has the ability to create blizzards and snow. She can create snow barriers and other formations to assist her in battle. Since the Yuki Yuki no Mi is a logia type devil fruit, she can turn herself into a being made entirely of snow. In her monstrous snow form, Monet is larger and can reach her targets at a faster speed. Monet also has sharp teeth in the shape of icicles which can mutilate her targets when she bites them.


As a devil fruit user, Monet cannot swim in any body of water and risks drowning.

In her battle against Zoro Roronoa, Monet was bisected by Zoro's Haki infused blade. Since she was a logia type devil fruit user, she was not able to regenerate from the attack too soon.


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  • It was revealed in One Piece Volume 77 by, the author, Eiichiro Oda that Sugar is the younger sister of Monet.