Morgiana is one of the main characters from Magi. She is a half-blooded Fanalis tribe member.


In the beginning, Morgiana was stoic and cold under the treatment of her slave master Jamil. After her master's death, she came to ally herself with Aladdin and Alibaba and became a supportive friend of theirs. Morgiana is willing to protect her own friends from danger and is not fearful for getting into battle against the enemies to protect them.


As a member of the Fanalis tribe, Morgiana posses superhuman strength and agility. Among her friends Alibaba and Aladdin, she posses superhuman strength that is great enough to harm any enemies that come at her at varying size and in numbers.

Physical Strength and Prowess

Morgiana's superhuman strength is great enough to compete with large powerful animals and creatures that can tear apart any average person. She has martial agility that allows her to jump freely from her targets at a certain distance and to attack them with speed. Morgiana is capable of fighting creatures like a large tiger by herself without any aid.