Murakami is a swordsman from Max Steel Reboot. He is a strong ninja who existed in the past. He was also a ruthless swordsman who wanted to rule the world. He appeared in the episode "Live by the Sword" where he took possession of Max Steel's friend, Kirby Kowalski.


Murakami is arrogant and thinks that he can take over the world with his own powers. He sees himself as a powerful swordsman.


Murakami was once a fearsome ninja who used to spread chaos throughout Japan. He was a skilled swordsman who desired to take over the world and wanted a brand new sword in his conquest, he got a forger to make one for him. However, Murakami was unaware of the fact that he would be sealed within the sword if he ever touched it. He was trapped within it for many centuries.


Murakami is a skilled swordsman who is capable of wielding a sword in many ways to injure his enemies. He is capable of teleporting himself and can actually reach superhuman speed. Murakami can use his sword to slash through targets that would not be too easy to slash like a gun. He is skilled at martial arts and he can catch his enemies off guard like Max Steel, Jason Naught, and a group of bullies. He was also strong enough to resist Jason Naught's powers.