Omi is the main protagonist of the TV show Xiaolin Showdown and Xiaolin Chronicles. Omi is an orphan who appeared at the temple. He has the power to manipulate water and can use the Sheng Gong Wu, the Orb of Tornami to improve his abilities.


Omi is honorable and shows respect towards his friends. Omi can be very prideful and likes to hear himself speak. Omi also has the tendency to say puns the wrong way. Omi also likes to work hard to become stronger. When his fellow companion, Raimundo, left the Xaolin temple to join the Heylin forces, Omi constantly teased him about it. But when he was tempted and corrupted by Chase Young, Omi came to understand Raimundo. He began to truly understand Raimundo when he realize the latter has surpassed him. The change in Raimundo was also what made Omi matured.


Omi is a skilled martial artist who had a lot training and experience by Master Fung. He posses superhuman strength as he was able to destroy Jack Spicer's Jackbots with powerful kicks. He also a very agile and fast and can pursue his targets. On top of his natural speed, Omi possesses incredibly fast reflexes as he was able to grab the Shen Gong Wu fast enough to sometimes challenge his opponent to a Xiaolin Showdown.


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  • Throughout the series, Omi has a running gag of saying phrases incorrectly and he is often times corrected by his friends, Kimiko, Clay, and Raimundo.