Overload is a villain from Teen Titans animated series. It is a monster that is made entirely of electricity. It used to be a henchmen to Slade but it later joined the Brotherhood of Evil.


Overload is a monster made of electricity and energy. It has the advantage of creating and enhancing the outburst of energy it releases. It is capable of shooting electricity and producing a large quantity of it. It has an advantage with its height as it can easily tower over its opponents. Overload also shows the ability to travel through digital technology and take possession of vehicles as well. Overload can also warp its shape to avoid attacks.


Overload have shown many weaknesses in its fight against the Titans. In its first battle against the Titans, it was severely weakened by the presence of water. The water was able to shrink it down to size. After it's defeat it was shown to be contained in the rug which serves as a way to seal it.

While it is capable of taking possession of digital technology quite easily, it can be easily defeated when it takes possession of something that does not have any built in defenses and modifications like Cyborg's car.


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  • Overload was first seen talking in its debut in "Car Trouble" but in later appearances throughout the series, it does not have any lines.