Piandao is a character from Avatar: The Last Airbender. He trained Sokka to become a strong swordsman in the episode "Sokka's Master".


Piandao is a humble person. He is prideful in his ability as a swordsman but is nonetheless content with himself. He is not willing to train those that are already skilled with the sword. However, he is willing to train those who understand their limits and desires to become stronger. As a trainer to Sokka, he was strict and he put him through arduous work. Piandoa is also very perceptive as he was able to know that Sakka was not from the fire nation and that the avatar was with him. Despite knowing such important information, he was proud of Sakka's swordsmanship.


Piandao is skilled swordsman. He was known to be considered a renown swordsman that has the ability to train anyone to become a great swordsman. He is able to maintain swift poses and catch Sokka off guard numerous times in their battle. His speed combined with his reflexes made him very competent in his duel with Sokka as he was able to hold an advantage over him throughout it.

While dueling Sokka, he was able to fight him while keeping his eyes closed (from having dirt around it) without any drawbacks or resistance.


Piandao has not shown any weaknesses in his battle against Sokka.


Piandoa's Battle
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