Red X is an antihero from the Teen Titans animated series. He is a powerful fighter shrouded in mystery and a rival to Robin.


Red X is a self-serving man who only cares about looking out for himself. He enjoys stealing and committing crimes not to endanger anyone's life but to get what he desires. Red X comes off as a calm individual throughout most of his appearances. Red X is also carefree as he openly taunts the Titans especially Robin. He is willing to help Robin through tough situations such as rescuing the Titans but his allegiance his always temporary. Red X also likes to keep his identity a secret to the world.


Red X is a skilled combatant. Like Robin, he is good at martial arts and tactical maneuvers. In his first appearance, "X", Red X was well-versed in using all of Robin's weapons that he had stuffed in his suit. By himself, Red X poses as a formidable opponent to all five Titan members by setting traps for them and overwhelming them. Red X's level of martial agility is comparable to his rival, Robin.


Despite being excellent in martial arts and stealth, Red X can still be caught off guard by sudden attacks. For instance, Red X was knocked out by an electrical staff that Professor Chang's minions wielded. After defeating Professor Chang, Red X was depowered since Robin stole his utility belt while he was caught off guard. Without his utility belt, Red X cannot use the various weapons and traps that he usually relies on to overwhelm his enemies.


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  • It is heavily hinted that Red X's true identity may be Jason Todd because of their connections to Robin and the Teen Titans and his self-serving personality.