Sakazuki who is more largely known as Akainu is a powerful Admiral who serves under the World Government in One Piece. He is a ruthless Admiral who believes in the principles of Absolute justice. After the time skip, Akainu has become a Fleet Admiral and is in charge of the marines.


Akainu is grim and ruthless. He is very strict and vicious. Under the principle of Absolute justice, Akainu is willing to commit any heinous or immoral deeds to ensure its validity which would include killing innocent people and his own men. Akainu does not have any respect for anyone who would stand up against him like Coby and sees them as an obstacle to justice. He completely detest Whitebeard, Monkey D. Dragon, and Gol D. Roger. As much as he detest them, he has some form of respect for them for being formidable enemies to the World Government.

He is very manipulative as seen in the Marineford war where he manipulated Squard to stab Whitebeard. Akainu is willing to berate them for their ignorance. He even berated Portgas D. Ace in an attempt to kill him which succeeded.


As a fighter, Akainu is perhaps one of the strongest fighters in the World Government. He posses one of the strongest type of devil fruits which is the logia. He is also capable of fighting powerful foes all by himself like Whitebeard with no assistance by anyone.

Mago Mago no Mi

Akainu's devil fruit allows him to create and use magma. Akainu is capable of creating magma as an offensive in battle. He is can use it to create small meteors which is capable of destroying ships and buildings. He can allow magma to rain down from the sky and cause widespread destruction. As a logia devil fruit user, Akainu can become magma himself to protect himself from bullets, missiles, and other weapons that would normally injure or kill an individual.

Physical Strength

Akainu is incredibly strong and was able to fight Whitebeard in an all out one-on-one battle. Despite losing to Whitebeard in his second fight, Akainu was able to survive the beating brought upon him that was powerful enough to destroy most of Marineford. After the beating which would normally kill anyone, Akainu was able to recover in a short amount of time and resume his pursuit of Luffy without slowing down.


Like all devil fruit users in One Piece, Akainu is incapable of swimming. In his battle against Whitebeard, he was left incapacitated for a moment by Whitebeard's Gura Gura no Mi which is capable of creating a powerful earthquake.


Akainu's Battles
Battles Outcome
Akainu and the Marines vs. Whitebeard pirates and their allies Draw
Akainu vs. Whitebeard Draw
Akainu vs. Portgas D. Ace Won
Akainu vs. Whitebeard Lost
Akainu vs. Whitebeard pirates, their allies, and Crocodile Draw
Akainu vs. Aokiji Won



  • Akainu may be one of the strongest Admirals as he was the one who was promoted to Fleet Admiral after his duel with Aokiji.