Slade is a villain from the Teen Titans animated series. He is the Titans archenemy. He is an enigmatic criminal mastermind who desires to conquer Jump City and eventually the entire world.


Slade is sadistic, selfish, and cold-hearted. He only cares for himself and what he desires. When he first appears, Slade was interested in getting an apprentice who can help him in his goals towards conquering Jump City. He is willing to manipulate and blackmail the people he wants into becoming his apprentice. He has no remorse for causing all the suffering and destruction upon the Titans and others. Slade can be wrathful and detestable towards people who does not listen to him or commit to a deal. During his revival in the Fourth Season, Slade was willing to assist Trigon in destroying the world so that he can get his flesh. Slade is also very stubborn and does not like to admit that he is wrong. In the episode "Haunted", Slade was shown to be a ruthless fighter and was willing to kill Robin (even though he was nothing more than an apparition).


Slade is an exceptionally talented and powerful fighter who is great in martial arts. In his numerous fights with Robin, Slade has shown himself to be just as strong as he is. Slade posses fast reflexes and experiences as a martial artist. He has superhuman strength where he was able to throw Cyborg away with one hand. Slade is tolerant towards receiving injuries from the Titans which would normally cause an individual to wince in pain. For instance in his battle against Beast Boy, he was mauled by him on several occasions but was able stand his own against him.

When he was revived by Trigon in season four, Slade was given the powers to fly, manipulate fire, and phase through solid objects. He was also capable of leading an army of fire demons in his battle against the Titans.


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  • Slade is the only villain in the Teen Titans animated series to remain as the primary villain for two seasons.
  • He has told Robin a couple of times that he may surpass him or that he is not as strong as him. This statement is true since he has never defeated Slade in battle all by himself.

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