Son Gokū is a character from Naruto. It is the Four Tails. It possess immense powers and it is capable of causing a lot of destruction with its powers.


Son Gokū was created by the Sage of the Six Paths when he separated the chakra from the Ten-Tails. After the Sage's death, Son Gokū and the other tailed beasts would roam the world until they were captured by humans for war.

Son Gokū ended up in Rōshi as his tailed beast for many years until he was defeated by Kisame Hoshigaki in battle and was absorbed into the Demonic Statue killing Rōshi. During the Fourth Great Ninja War, Son Gokū was placed back inside Rōshi's body and made into a jinchuuriki and controlled by Obito Uchiha. With Naruto's effort, Son Gokū was released from Obito's controlled and reabsorbed into the Demonic Statue.

After the Ten-Tails revival and Obito's defeat as the Ten-Tails jinchuuriki, Son Gokū returned with the other Tailed Beasts to fight Madara Uchiha. But they were all defeated and absorbed back into the Demonic Statue to become the Ten-Tails. After Madara and Kaguya's defeat, Son Gokū returned but it was later captured by Sasuke Uchiha's planetary devastation technique trapping it. After Naruto and Sasuke's battle, Son Gokū was released and was free.


As a tailed beast, Son Gokū is has a higher reserves of chakra than any normal person. Son Gokū has the ability to create tailed beast balls, a ball of chakra that can create a massive blast when it is unleashed.

Son Gokū can also manipulate and create lava. With it, it can create and summoning lava blasts to destroy its target. Rōshi can also use its power to create an armor of lava and to create powerful lava blasts.


Son Gokū along with the other tailed beast can be immobilized easily by the chains of the Demonic Statue. When they are caught by the Demonic Statue chains they cannot free themselves and are immobile. They are also resealed within the Demonic Statue after being caught by its chains.


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