Spider-Man is a major superhero throughout the Marvel franchise. He has the powers to shoot silk from his hands and posses extraordinary reflexes and fluidity in hand-to-hand combat. Spider-Man's real name is Peter Parker.


Spider-Man is an agile and feared fighter. With his abilities, Spider-Man posses fast reflexes and reaction time that is faster than the average person. With his reaction time, Spider-Man is able to evade attacks that comes at him at great speed.

With his silk ability, Spider-Man is capable of maneuvering across large distances in short amount of time. He can use the silk that he produce from his hand to keep himself at a distance from certain enemies, capture enemies, and to help maneuver around an obstacle in battle.

Spider-Man is also talented in martial arts and can use this to his advantage in his short-range battles. In conjunction with his silk-related powers, Spider-Man can use it to assist him in maneuvering swiftly in his some of his fights.