Steamroller is a minor villain from Teen Titans. He was one of Brother Blood's brainwashed minions and was used to gather information on the Teen Titans.


Steamroller is a stoic individual. He does not speak. It is unknown what is his true personality prior to being brainwashed by Brother Blood. However, by the time of Season 5 when he was fighting for the Brotherhood of Evil he remained as blunt and static as before.


Steamroller is a giant who has arms that are apart of a steamrolling machine. Steamroller's arms can crush his targets that are under him. Steamroller is strong enough to fight multiple opponents at the same time like the Teen Titans East.


Even though, Steamroller has superhuman strength, he can be pinned down. In his battle against the Teen Titans East, Steamroller was immobilized under hot lava and was unable to move.