Sugar is a villainess from One Piece. She is apart of the Donquixote Pirates and is one of their most formidable members. She ate the Hobi Hobi no Mi fruit which allows her to turn anyone she comes into contact with into a toy. Since Sugar devoured the Hobi Hobi no Mi, she appears as a child despite being much older.


Sugar comes off as an expressionless girl. She enjoys eating her grapes. Sugar has complete loyalty towards Donquixote Doflamingo and the Donquixote Family. Sugar shows disgust towards Trebol and often insults him. After being scared and knocked unconscious by Ussop's terrifying face, Sugar held great animosity towards him which would includes those that are affiliated him and long objects (like Ussop's nose).


With the Hobi Hobi no Mi, Sugar can turn people and animals into toys. With the touch of her hand, Sugar can automatically turn people into toys. Once an individual becomes a toy their entire existence cease to exist. The victim's memories are erased from everyone and everything that came in contact with the person. Even the user herself, Sugar, forget who she turns into a toy. Anyone who also voluntarily comes into contact with her can be turned into a toy as well as seen with Nico Robin. Sugar can also plant commands upon the toys and make them work for her as long as she wants.

As a fighter, Sugar does not any such power to go into battle. She relies heavily on the army of toys to fight in her stead. She can use them to hold back and in some cases seriously injure her opponents like when a nutcracker she made crushed the horse of Cavendish's skull.


According to the Tontattas, Sugar's devil fruit ability could be reversed if she suffers tremendous trauma such as eating a tatababasco spice since it is very spicy. However, when Ussop made a frightened face by eating a tatababasco spice, it was more than enough to scare her out of consciousness. Once Sugar loses her consciousness, all the people and animals who have been turned into toys are set free from her technique.

As a devil fruit user, Sugar cannot swim in any body of water as she risks drowning.


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  • Sugar may have the potential to become the strongest fighter in all of One Piece since anyone who comes into contact with her and vice versa turn into a toy immediately. Once the person becomes a toy everyone will forget who the person was and the victim him/herself are helpless as they are permanently stuck as toys that are under her complete commands.
  • It was revealed in One Piece Volume 77 by, the author, Eiichiro Oda that Sugar is the younger sister of Monet.