Super Buu is a major villain in Dragon Ball. It is a form of Majin Buu that is a mixture of both the Fat Buu and the Evil Buu.


Super Buu is sadistic and cruel. It enjoys causing destruction and does not feel remorse for its action. Super Buu is arrogant and does believes itself to be very powerful. It prides itself as being the terror of the universe. Super Buu can get angry when things do not go its way.


Super Buu has a lot of power within itself. It is able to use energy blasts, fly, use superhuman strength, and survive powerful attacks by regenerating itself. Super Buu can liquefy its body to go inside the target's body and destroy them from the inside out. Super Buu superhuman strength is great enough to overwhelm Gotenks, Vegeta, or any other powerful character that it fights. Super Buu can also produce laser beams and energy attacks to his enemies.


Super Buu's weakness was allowing anyone into his body without making sure they were completely absorbed into it. Because Super Buu did not know, Goku and Vegeta was freely inside its body without having been absorbed, they were able to remove everyone from it causing him to lose all its upgrades and later remove Fat Buu causing it to lose its personality, intelligence, and identity becoming Kid Buu.


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