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Superman is a powerful superhero from the DC franchise. His real name is Kal-El. Superman is an alien from the Krypton who eventually came to Earth as a child because of the destruction of his home world. Superman is an iconic superhero and a powerful fighter in the DC universe.


Superman is virtuous and benevolent. He enjoys fighting for justice and protecting people who needs it. Superman dislike criminals and anything that may go against the law. He enjoys fighting alongside his fellow companions like Batman, Wonder Woman, and the Green Lantern. Superman does not trust anyone who is willing to cause harm or had once cause harm in the past like Lex Luthor. Superman also has a great dislike for his archenemy Darkseid and utterly loathes him for making him suffer greatly. On occasion, Superman tends to lose his patience when confronted with an enemy like Darkseid and can act rather selfish and coarse. Despite his rage, Superman is willing to fight to ensure peace against the forces of evil.


Superman is an extremely powerful individual. He posses superhuman strength which can him lift trucks and buildings with ease. Superman can fly at superhuman speeds and can reach distances at superhuman speed. Superman is capable of shooting powerful laser beams that can penetrate anything. Superman is also incredibly durable and can endure a beating by powerful foes like Doomsday and Darkseid. He is also capable of continuously fighting while having sustained a serious injury.


Superman's greatest weakness is kryptonite. When he is near kryptonite, Superman becomes immensely weak and fatigue. He is also seen extreme pain from being in contact with the Kryptonite. Despite his weakness to kryptonite, Superman cannot withstand severe pummeling from a powerful foe like Doomsday. Although Superman is known well for being physically strong, he cannot endure an intense beating from an extremely powerful enemy.


Superman has earned title by many for being an inspiration towards many other works and other fictional stories. Superman is also one of the most highly recognized superheroes in fiction.


  • Superman is similar to Optimus Prime, from Transformers. They are both powerful fighters and superheroes in their story.