The Grinch is a character in Family Guy. He was seen in Joe Swanson's flashback in which he told his story about how he became handicapped from there. He appeared in the episode "A Hero Sits Next Door".


The Grinch first appeared when it tried to steal a bunch of presents an Orphanage. He tried to escape from the chimney but was confronted by Joe Swanson. Joe pulled a gun on him and asked him to put down the presents but the Grinch immediately knocked away his gun and began to attack him.

The fight continues with him losing the presents to Joe. Joe tried to get down the roof to return the gifts to the children but the Grinch cursed at him and threw a skate at him causing him to fall off the roof and break his legs on the ground below.

It is unclear what had happen to the Grinch whether he was later detained after his defeat or he fled the scene.


In his fight with Joe, the Grinch was agile and swift. He was able to easily knock away Joe's gun with a kick and punch him easily while he was off guard. He was able to put a fight with Joe by knocking him back a few times in the fight. The Grinch was also able to take many punches to the face from Joe without falling back immediately.

While he fought Joe, he was also able to keep up his balance on top of a roof where there was snow. Although he was knock back by Joe, the Grinch was still clever enough to make sure that Joe would not be able to escape with the presents by throwing skate at him causing him to fall off the building.


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The Grinch's Battle
Battle Outcome
The Grinch vs. Joe Swanson Draw


  • In a later season, it was revealed that the fight with the Grinch was not what had made Joe handicapped.