Turanga Leela is one of the main characters in Futurama. She is an employee at Planet Express along with her friends and a humanoid mutant from the sewers. Leela is a skilled martial artist.


Leela is a caring and respectful person. She cares for her family and friends alike. Leela likes to get her job done and can sometimes not tolerate her friend's stupidity like Fry and Bender. She also cannot sand Zapp Brannigan and his cockiness and perverted personality. Leela deeply cares for her family who are mutants and are enraged at all the people who discriminates against mutants.


For most of the series Leela has displayed mastery over her martial arts abilities. She can easily defend herself in battle and is not afraid of going up against formidable opponents. In most of her confrontations she usually uses her legs to attack her opponents. She is also very fast and athletic in her battles.

In the episode "Less than Hero", Leela got superhuman strength and superhuman speed which made her more of a powerful opponent in the eyes of enemies. With these new abilities, Leela became the average superhero who was able to stop criminals in their tracks.


As a strong martial artist, Leela has no flaws. However, in the episode "Less than Hero", Leela can lose her superhuman strength and abilities whenever the cream she uses runs out.


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