Unicron is a god in the Transformers franchise and is renowned as the Lord of Chaos. He is the brother to Primus, another powerful god. Unicron is evil and seeks to eliminate all life across the multiverse.


Unicron is ruthless and has no care for anything or anyone he comes across. Unicron sees the life forms that worship him as mere pawns to help him gain power. Unicron is usually shown to not exhibit any emotions and is calm and rarely lashes out in any situation. Unicron's greatest fear is Primus since he has the power to defeat him.


As a god created by The One, Unicron is among one of the strongest entities in the Transformers franchise. He has many abilities which grants him the advantage to travel through space, destroy worlds, and create powerful cults to do his bidding. Since Unicron is as massive as a planet, he has the advantage over all his foes in term of size. He has the ability to transform into a planet that can devour entire planets. Unicron can travel through dimensions to cause massive destruction. Unicron also has the power to destroy universes as mentioned by the numerous lives he was responsible for eliminating.


Despite being an all-powerful god and force of destruction, Unicron's greatest weakness is Primus who has power on par with him. The matrix from the Autobots also contains unrivaled power that can eliminate Unicron.


  • Unicron is similar to many powerful villains from other franchises like:
    • Galactus from Marvel
    • Trigon from Teen Titans