Vergo is a villain in the Punk Hard Arc of One Piece. He is a henchman and spy of Donquixote Doflamingo.


During Law's flashback, Vergo was first seen as a child supporting Doflamingo as the latter was about to kill his own father. Later on as the Donquixote Family grew in strength, Vergo (also known as Corazan) was tasked with the mission to spy on the Marines. While spying on the World Government, Vergo manages to keep his own crew out of danger and provide them with valuable information. Vergo played a massive role in informing Doflamingo about Corazan's betrayal and ultimately leading Doflamingo to kill his own brother.

After that event, Vergo remained an adament spy for Doflamingo and was placed on Punk Hazard to watch over Caesar Clown with Monet. Vergo would kidnap children on various islands and give them to the mad scientist, Caesar Clown, to experiment upon. While on Punk Hazard, he was revealed to be a traitor by the G-5 Marines and Smoker. As Vergo attempted to kill Law on Doflamingo's order, he defeated Smoker in battle but was caught off guard by Law's attack and cut into many pieces by his devil fruit abilities (which still kept him alive). Vergo was left in the SAD room when an explosion set by Law went off to destroy the room and kill Vergo in the process.


Vergo is a stoic individual. He is very loyal to Donquixote Doflamingo and the Donquixote Pirates. With Law he can be lashful when the latter does not refer to him in a formal and respectful manner. His lashful side also resurfaces when he was about to kill off the G-5 Marines, the group of people he had lied to for being a loyal Marine.


Vergo's main powers revolves around using Haki to unleash powerful punches and other attacks. With the Haki he can harden his fists to land powerful punches on his opponents. Even without using Haki, Vergo's body is dense enough to leave a small dent in Sanji's leg. Vergo can also imbue Haki through his body which can enhance greatly his strength. Despite seeing him imbue Haki throughout his body his real strength have not been seen under that form.


In all his battles, Vergo has great durability but in his strongest form (the form where he has Haki all over his body) he was cut in half by Trafalgar Law's sword which had imbued his devil fruit's ability.


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Vergo's Battles
Battles Outcome
Vergo vs. Corazan and Trafalgar Law Won
Vergo vs. G-5 Marines Draw
Vergo vs. Sanji Draw
Vergo vs. Trafalgar Law and Smoker Lost