Sanji is one of the main characters in the One Piece anime/manga. He is a cook for the Straw Hats Pirates and one of its powerful members.


Sanji is greatly enjoys cooking. When he was at Baratie, he greatly enjoyed his time there and held the upmost respect for his master, Red Leg Zeff. With the Straw Hat Pirates, he greatly respect all his comrades. He has a powerful rivalry with his teammate, Zoro and greatly sees him as genuine idiot. Sanji is also perverted as he constantly flirts with Nami, Robin, and other attractive females. Sanji never fights with his hand since he is a cook and relies on his legs and feet.


Sanji is very athletic and powerful in terms of superhuman strength. Sanji primary attacks lies with his immensely powerful kicks. Sanji's kicks are powerful enough to even knock out Sea King and Sea creatures. In his battle against Jabra, he was able to emit fire from his legs that can unleash a much stronger kick called Diable Janbe. Sanji later on has been given the moniker, Black Leg and is greatly known for his powerful kicks like his master Red Leg Zeff. Since the time skip, Sanji is capable of utilizing the ability to kick the air itself to fly and evade enemies on the ground much like government agents, CP9. Like Luffy and Zoro, Sanji has high endurance as he was able to still stand up from strenuous battles like his fight against Jabra during the Ennies Lobby Arc.

In most of his battles, Sanji is tactical. In his battle against Absalom he was able capable of pointing out the bazooka that he wielded. Sanji is also good at estimating who is a powerful opponent like Admiral Aokiji, Admiral Kizaru, and Bartholomew Kuma.


As a short-range figter, Sanji is not adept at fighting foes that may have longer ranges in battle such as Bartholomew Kuma, Admiral Kizaru, and Donquixote Doflamingo.

Sanji's other weakness stems from his personality in regards to females. In his battle against Kalifa, Sanji was reluctant to put his hand on her to defeat her. This commitment to not lay a hand on women led to his defeat by Kalifa.


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