Zaheer is a villain from The Legend of Korra. He is a martial artist who has mastery over the air element. Zaheer is also the leader of the Red Lotus.


Zaheer is adamant of keeping order in the world by having it in chaos. He saw Korra as the obstacle that would have obstructed his plans and thought that it was a good idea to kill her. In pursuit of his goals, Zaheer does not tolerate failure and is ruthless when he tortured Korra into the avatar state. Zaheer also dislikes the oppressive nature of dictators as seen with the Earth queen and killed her to teach her a lesson on oppression. While he is vicious, Zaheer have a level of respect towards Korra and loves P'Li.


Among the Red Lotus, Zaheer is the strongest as he is its leader. He has control over the wind element. Zaheer is a powerful martial artist and combatant and was powerful enough to handle himself up against numerous enemies and powerful individuals like Tonraq and Korra.

Physical Prowess

Zaheer has dislayed mastery in martial arts and can use this to his advantage in battle. He can use his martial agility in conjunction with his airbending to overwhelm his enemies.


Zaheer can airbend. He can manipulate the air to attack his targets and to blast them away. Zaheer has also mastered his airbending abilities to the point where he can fly to compete with Korra in her avatar state.


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